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Articles are an important part of Utah Health Center.  We are constantly reading and researching different aspects of health, accident recovery, whole body vibration, nutrition and many more.  We will post articles on many subjects and maintain all of them here for your use.  Feel free to search through our articles pages for any information that may be relevant to your current needs.

If there is a health topic you would like to know more about that you don’t find here please let us know.  We would be happy to do some research and create a new article to answer your questions and help with your situation.  At Utah Health Center we want our patients to learn about health!

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Headache Pain

Common Headache Types Common headache types can include cluster, migraine, tension headache and generalized pain. Recently I decided to remove all sources of caffeine from my diet. The result? Blood pressure went down, I feel great- oh, and for four solid days I had a...

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Utah Health Center is Moving

Salt Lake City Chiropractor is Moving We are excited to announce Utah Health Center, your Salt Lake City Chiropractor, is moving to a new location.  It's been fun for the last three years to be in our large facility on Sequoia Vista Circle, but it's time to move!  Our...

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Hobbies Are Important After A Car Accident

Participating In Our Favorite Hobbies Can Alleviate Stress After A Car Accident I see many patients who have been involved in car accidents.  They come to us with various symptoms of whiplash like neck pain, headache and Low back pain.  One of the questions I...

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Carpal Tunnel Pain

Many of us have heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but may not be sure what it is. The carpal tunnel is actually part of our anatomy. The “tunnel” is formed on the palm side of our wrist by a curvature in the wrist and arm bones that creates a wide “C” shaped space....

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