Exercises and Stretches

Welcome the the Exercises and Stretches archive for Utah Health Center.  Here you will find video and instruction for the exercises and stretches we recommend for home care of your condition.  If you are looking for an exercise or stretch you don’t see here please let us know and we will do our best to create and post some additional great material for you.

Exercises and Stretches are for Spine and Body

Many of the videos posted here focus on mobilization and stabilization of the spine.  Car crash injuries, whiplash, falls and other conditions can result in many types of pain and instability.  Our exercises and stretches are designed to address low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and weakness, hip and knee pain and more.  Choose the video that is most appropriate for your condition.

Exercises and Stretches Should Be Done Properly

Make sure and follow the instructions you were given in the clinic as you practice these mobilization and stability movements at home.  If you are not a patient at Utah Health Center please consult with your physician prior to engaging in a new Exercises or Stretches program.