If you are reading this it is likely you have experienced a car crash or other injury that has left you in pain. The unfortunate reality is that pain and symptoms of whiplash and other injuries can last for years after a wreck. In one study by Watkinson et al. in 1991 35 participants interviewed an average of 10.8 years after a rear end collision injury (whiplash) reported a chronic pain issue in 86% of cases. Other studies have shown similar results. If this is the case it really highlights two things to me. First, it is very important to receive proper care and rehabilitation after an accident involving any type of soft tissue injury. Second, understanding how to manage pain over time could have a significant impact on your quality of life.

There Are Many Options For Pain Management

The most common approaches to pain management include initial medication with various forms of pain relievers. The list may include; Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (Nsaids), Aspirin, Acetominophen, Opiates and more. Some common names of drugs used for pain would include oxycodone, hydrocodone, dilaudid, percoset, gabapentin, ibuprofen, and others. The risks of using medication to control pain are high. Accidental overdose, improper mixing of prescriptions and opportunities for abuse make long term pain medication with medication a less desirable situation. Other options for pain management can include natural anti-inflammatory supplements, calming therapies such as electrical interferential stimulation and cryotherapy (Ice) to control local inflammation and dull nerve pain sensation.

Pain Management for Chronic Pain

I’ve referred many patients over the years for pain injections. In this scenario a pain relieving medication is injected by your physician directly into the tissues surrounding the injury site to provide very specific relief to the area. I have noticed how differently patients respond to therapy and exercise when they have undergone a procedure of this nature and are able to do exercise and rehabilitation without pain. Controlling pain levels in chronic situations can be a powerful way to help the body heal and return to normal strength and function more quickly. If you are suffering with new pain from a car crash or chronic pain that you have had for years please give us a call at Utah Health Centers. We can help you understand your options for taking care of chronic issues and pain management.