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Becoming a new patient at the Utah Health Centers is simple.  Call today and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you.  Our contact information is listed below, or on the Contact Us page.  To keep things simple we have also included our New Patient Application as a downloadable PDF in the box on the right.  Simply click on the download link, download or print off the forms and you can have them already prepared when you arrive for your first appointment.

Items to Bring as a New Patient

There are several items required by law to enter you as a new patient in the healthcare system.  Items such as insurance information, Identification and personal information are all important.  Our staff has created a simple checklist of items to bring to your first visit.  You can download the First Visit Checklist below.

When to Schedule as a New Patient

New patient examination times are available each morning and afternoon at Utah Health Centers.  Due to the number of patients we see who have been involved with auto accident injuries we reserve new patient times in our schedule every day.  Don’t hesitate or wait to call.  After an auto accident or or personal injury situation you need to see the doctor as soon as possible to properly assess injuries and establish proper treatment protocols.  Call today and be seen today!  Bring as much New Patient paperwork with you as possible already filled out and always take advantage of the First Visit Checklist to ensure you have all of the required information with you.


Download Checklist Here

Be sure to download and print out this handy First Visit Checklist before your first appointment!

New Patient Application Form

Fill Out This New Patient Application to save time during your first visit with Utah Health Center.

HIPPA Privacy Statement

Download, Print and sign the HIPPA Privacy Statement prior to your first visit.  This form is used by the US Government with all medical providers to ensure the privacy of your Medical Records.

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Utah Health Centers Focuses on the Care part of Health Care

Healthcare is much more than a word at Utah Health Centers.  We believe that if a patient cares enough to find us and make it to our office we should care enough to spend the time needed to really find out how to best help that patient.  We offer full and comprehensive examinations, digital x-ray services, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, clinical weight loss and much more as solutions to your health needs.  As patient and doctor each care enough to work together on a recovery plan, the health part of healthcare can become a reality.  Health is a result of caring at Utah Health Centers. Utah Health Centers can Help Give us a call today to arrange for your first appointment. You can reach us at (801) 901-4261 or through the contacts page here on the website. Take a moment to visit the New Patient Page to be able to download your Treatment Application and any other needed forms.  This can save you a few minutes on your first visit.  We look forward to helping you at Utah Health Centers.


Dr. Ziegler is a great chiropractor and I come in for adjustments as needed…no pressure to be on a set schedule. I was in a car accident last year and my vehicle was totaled. I was able to get in for an appointment right away. The exam and follow -up care was extremely thorough. I was in bad shape, but the combination of Dr. Ziegler’s care and massage therapy in his office got me back to full health. Another huge plus was that his office took care of all the confusing paperwork with the insurance company to get the cost of my care covered. Knowing that I could just come get great care without all the hassle of dealing with the insurance company was huge. I highly recommend Dr. Z for anyone who needs maintenance chiropractic care or who has been in an accident and needs specialized care.

Lindsay Griffin

Car Crash

This is the Place!  I hurt myself at the gym and they had me in right away same day!  Thanks Dr. Larry!

Daniel M.

Hurt at Gym

Dr. Ziegler is amazing!  I’d never been to a Chiropractor before, and Dr. Z took the time to explain the process to me as well as demonstrate exactly what he would be doing.  The initial consultation was thorough and precise, and my visits in the weeks since have been very helpful. I feel better than I have in a couple of years, and look forward to continuing to progress with Dr. Ziegler’s help and knowledge.  You seriously could not ask for a more caring, effective chiropractor!

Kate W.

Health Concerns

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