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Common Injuries from Car Accidents

Have you recently been a car accident? If so, you should be mindful of your back and spine health now more than ever. There are numerous types of injuries that may occur that should be addressed right away. Putting it off could lead to more serious issues or slower recovery.

How to Avoid Car Accidents: Top Winter Driving Tips

Car accidents can have devastating consequences. Even if you aren’t seriously injured, being involved in a vehicle collision can cause long-term problems for your body, and in particular, your spine. This is because back injuries are some of the most common that occur as a result of being involved in an accident of this type. Most back injuries happen because of the extreme stress that is placed on the spine during the impact. This can cause the bones of the spine (vertebrae) to come out of alignment, the gel-filled discs between the spinal bones to rupture and there may even be damage to the spinal cord itself. All of these can lead to a range of issues from back pain and mobility problems to loss of function in certain parts of your body. Fortunately, most car accident injuries can be carefully treated, many using chiropractic care.

What is Spinal Decompression?

The spine is one of the most integral structures in our body. Comprised of 24 bones called vertebrae that are held together using muscles and ligaments, and with small, spongy discs between them, the spine both protects our spinal cord – the main element of our neurological system – and facilitates our ability to stand and move.

How To Keep Your Brain Healthy and Active

Dr. Larry Ziegler at Utah Health Center uses Braintap to improve brain function and health.

Common headache types can include cluster, migraine, tension headache and generalized pain. Recently I decided to remove all sources of caffeine from my diet.

We are excited to announce Utah Health Center, your Salt Lake City Chiropractor, is moving to a new location. 

Migraine headache can be difficult to define and can be poorly understood.  We all understand it when our head hurts, but may not always know if the pain we are feeling is a migraine.

Participating In Our Favorite Hobbies Can Alleviate Stress After A Car Accident.

Migraña y como lograr alivio

Migraña puede ser difícil de definir y puede ser entendida pobremente. Todos entendemos cuando nos duele la cabeza..

Manejo del dolor después de un accidente de auto

Si está leyendo esto es probable que hayas experimentado un accidente de auto o otra lesión que te ha dejado en dolor.

New Auto Accident?

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