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The most common approaches to pain management include initial medication with various forms of pain relievers.

Muchos de nosotros hemos escuchado del Síndrome de túnel carpiano, pero tal vez no estar seguro de que es. El túnel carpiano es de hecho parte de nuestra anatomía.

Rayos-X después de un accidente de auto

Después de un accidente nos quedamos preguntando qué hacer.

Many of us have heard of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but may not be sure what it is. The carpal tunnel is actually part of our anatomy.

Digital X-ray After A Car Crash

After a car crash we often are left wondering what to do. One of the most important things is to have a comprehensive physical examination including digital X-ray to check for damage to the ligaments, tendons and muscles that protect your spine.

Dolor de hombros y accidente de auto

Es muy común sufrir de dolor de hombros luego de un accidente de auto. Si examinas como sucede un accidente de auto esto tiene sentido.

It is very common to have shoulder pain after a car crash. It makes sense if you look at how car crashes happen.

Como puedo yo escribir sobre cómo recuperarse de un accidente de auto? Te dejo decidir a ti, pero yo creo que tengo las credenciales correctas...

Muchos de nosotros hemos experimentado ciatica todos los dias. Ciatica es un tipo de dolor de espalda que se puede extender a la cadera...

Neck Pain and its causes

There are many causes of neck pain, some of which can be very serious. Common causes can include muscle spasm, infection and swollen lymph nodes, injury such as whiplash and more.

New Auto Accident?

Visit the Utah Health Center New Patient Canter to Get Started!

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