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Cervical Fusion is sometimes necessary for those who have severe damage or degeneration in the neck.

Happy Birthday to our office manager Val!! Karilynn fixed her up with a little surprise today and we wanted to share.

Healthy Fries

This version of Healthy Fries is from the Ideal Protein cookbook. The fries are sliced rutabaga with light olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano.

Utah Whiplash Group

The Utah Whiplash Group is a team of certified* physicians and attorneys who are focused on the best outcomes for injured patients in Utah.

Phone Posture

As a chiropractic physician in Salt Lake City I always notice posture and balance as I observe people everywhere I go.

How many times have you said or heard the words “I am on a diet“? Usually following something like “Oh, I’d love to, but..

Welcome to Utah Health Center

We are grateful this year for the opportunity to serve and feel truly blessed to have the ability to work and interact with such a great bunch of patients and friends.

New Auto Accident?

Visit the Utah Health Center New Patient Canter to Get Started!

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