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Phone Posture

What is Phone Posture?  I think you know.  Look around next time you are out in public and take notice of the current epidemic.  Everywhere you look you will see examples of phone posture.

Phone Posture is Real

As a chiropractic physician in Salt Lake City I always notice posture and balance as I observe people everywhere I go.  In Utah it is now illegal to text and use a handheld phone while you drive.  Has that stopped the use of phones in the vehicle?  Hardly.  Now I see drivers looking down into their laps to text so the phone can’t be seen which causes incredible stress to the upper back and neck – not to mention the danger of taking their eyes from the road for longer periods of time.

Save Yourself From Phone Posture

Don’t let Phone Posture and bad phone use habits destroy your health.  Try these few quick tips on Phone Posture to give your spine a break:

  1.  Put the Phone Down. Find times each day to just leave your phone alone.  Maybe even turn it off – especially at night.

  2.  When using the phone for gaming, emails etc. hold it up high in front of your body to keep it in front of your face while maintaining an erect posture.  I have my kids and patients do this and it immediately takes pressure off of the neck and shoulders.  “But Doc, What if my arms get tired?” If you are holding up the phone long enough to wear out your arms you should probably take a break!

  3. Designate times of the day to answer emails and messages and stick to it.  Having a specific schedule of times to address the majority of messages and emails helps you break away from always having a phone in your hand and constantly looking down at it.

  4. Don’t text or talk while driving.  Just Don’t.  There are many great utilities to answer calls and texts while you are driving with set responses to let people know you are on the road and will reach out to them later.  If you must take a call or respond to a message while driving please pull over safely and attend to it before getting back on the road.

Be safe out there, protect your spine and enjoy your health – don’t succumb to Phone Posture!

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