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Chiropractor Salt Lake City

Chiropractor Salt Lake City

Hi I’m Dr. Larry Ziegler, and as a chiropractor Salt Lake City is the greatest place to practice. Here at the clinic, the Utah Health Center, we specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and management of car accident injuries.
We use medical examination, digital x-ray and other diagnostic information to determine the seriousness of any injury you may have experienced in your crash, then we use the best methods and protocols available to help you recover.

Your Chiropractor Salt Lake City Can Treat Whiplash

Auto Accident injuries are frequently referred to as whiplash. As your Salt Lake City Chiropractor we take these symptoms seriously. Damaged ligaments, torn muscles, injured discs in the spine and many other injuries can occur when you crash a car.
Symptoms of whiplash can include Neck Pain, Headache, Upper Back Pain, Lower back pain, numbness and tingling in the arms, legs hands and feet and even sciatic pain.

Chiropractor Salt Lake City on Redwood Road

If you have been in a car crash and are wondering what to do please reach out to the clinic at Utah Health Center – we can help. As your Salt Lake City Chiropractor I know what it takes to recover from a serious crash- I’ve been there myself. You can call us at (801) 666-2300, or stop by and see us at 1755 West Sequoia Vista Circle, Suite 3D in Salt Lake City. We’re in the new buildings just behind O’Reilly Auto Parts at Redwood and California. You can find directions, our New Patient Application Forms, Maps to the Clinic and more at, or send us an email for more information. I’m Dr. Larry Ziegler, your Chiropractor Salt Lake City, and I’m looking forward to helping you recover from your car accident injuries.

New Auto Accident?

Visit the Utah Health Center New Patient Canter to Get Started!

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