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Digital X-ray

Digital X-Ray is Fast and Convenient

Digital X-Ray is fast, reliable and accurate. Do you remember waiting for hours at the doctor’s office for X-Rays? Those days are over thanks to Digital X-ray. Your doctor at Utah Health Center can now take an image and view it almost instantly on the computer. The quality of the images is excellent and easy to see. No more waiting for hours to get a look at what’s going on with your spine after a crash.

Digital X-ray Is Easy to Share

Having Digital X-ray makes it easy to place images on a disc or send them over a secure DICOM link to other physicians, radiologists and hospitals. It’s also a convenient way to maintain a copy for your own records. Images can be placed on a CD in a matter of minutes allowing you to take the images with you to other important consultations or evaluations. These images become a part of your permanent record and it is always advisable to store a copy for yourself.

Evaluation of Ligament Laxity is Simple with Digital X-Ray

Ligament laxity, or stretching and damage of ligaments can be evaluated using various X-ray measurement methods. The Penning Method measures the angle between each motion segment or set of vertebrae in the neck. The AMA Translation Method measures movement in the neck in flexion (forward bending) and extension (backward bending) to see if there is sufficient motion and stability. The AMA (American Medical Association) has specific guidelines on how much movement should be present at each level of the neck or Cervical Spine. Digital X-ray helps ensure these measurements are accurate and available quickly to make decisions regarding your care after a car crash.

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