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Eat Less Sugar

At Utah Health Center we advise everyone to eat less sugar because we believe you are sweet enough already!  Seriously though, the majority of our population is overweight and sick due to sugar.  We just aren’t designed to consume large amounts of sugar and remain healthy.

At the turn of the century in 1900 the average American consumed between 5 and 15 pounds of sugar annually.  That number is now estimated between 150 and 200 pounds.  Is it possible we have evolved enough as a species in the past 100 years that we are now physically able to metabolize ten times more sugar than we could 100 years ago?  Eat less sugar and find out if you feel any different.

Changing Your Body Starts With Something Simple – Eat Less Sugar

Dr. Larry Ziegler speaks about this subject regularly due to popular demand.  Sugar ends up in your blood and high blood sugar levels are dangerous.  Insulin is released to help transport available blood sugars across cell membranes to be burned for energy or stored for future use.  If we eat more than we need more and more will be combined with fatty acids and stored as triglycerides in our fat cells (adipocytes).  This energy is now locked away and carried around with us.  An average pound of fat contains at least 3,500 calories of usable energy.

The bottom line is that sugar makes us fat and sick.  Want to feel better?  Instead of looking into medications, drastic diets and killer gym sessions you are not accustomed to try starting with something simple.  Eat less sugar.

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