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Headache Pain

Common Headache Types

Common headache types can include cluster, migraine, tension headache, and generalized pain. Recently I decided to remove all sources of caffeine from my diet. The result? Blood pressure went down, I feel great- oh, and for four solid days I had a terrible headache.

Caffeine Withdrawl Can Cause Headache

That’s right! Caffeine deletion can cause side effects and withdrawl symptoms as your own body restores normal function and its own ability to produce the stimulants we need neurochemically to function throughout the day. Removing caffeine from your diet will usually cause you to be uncomfortable for a few days. Luckily, the headache has passed, and now I look forward to better energy levels, lower blood pressure and a fresh start on other healthy diet changes.

Understand Headache Pain by Speaking With Your Doctor

If you are considering making any dramatic changes to your diet it is always a good idea to consult with your physician to ensure you don’t overstress your system or end up with un-intended side effects. You will also better understand issues like headache pain caused by caffeine withdrawl or similar symptoms.

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