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How To Keep Your Brain Healthy and Active

Using Braintap Can Help Your Brain Work Better

People all over the world are using Braintap to help improve their lives. Utah Health Center has added Braintap to the list of available services in our Murray, Utah clinic. What is Braintap you ask? let’s take a look at this incredible technology and look at a few of the health concerns we have that can be affected by Braintap.

What is Braintap?

Braintap was developed by Dr. Patrick Porter, Ph.D. and has since been introduced through doctors and clinicians to patients in many parts of the world. The technology of the Braintap system provides brainwave entrainment using proprietary technology with light, sound and energy.

A typical Braintap session includes use of a special headset containing led lights over the eyes and ears and neuro-linguistic programs recorded using Dr. Porter’s voice. The programs can adjust the brainwaves to help achieve specific results based on what you are trying to accomplish. Our brainwaves change throughout the day and can affect our mood, our function and our health.

Brain Waves We Use Every Day

The main brain waves we experience on a regular basis include:

  • Beta Waves (Awake and Active)

  • Gamma Waves (Peak Concentration and Cognition)

  • Alpha Waves (Relaxed, Intuitive and Creative)

  • Theta Waves (Healing and Super Learning)

  • Delta Waves (Deep Sleep and Recovery)

Using a program and technology like Braintap can provide calm and focus and help your brain achieve a state that is perfect for learning and healing. The neurological algorithms or patterns used in Braintap technology can guide you naturally through a wide range of brainwave patterns encouraging brainwave activity across the entire spectrum of normal and expected brain waves.

How Braintap Helps Our Brain

The Braintap library contains many programs designed to help address areas of health, performanc and lifestyle. Using tonal therapy, guided visualization and 10-cycle holographic music each Braintap program is specially designed to activate the brainwaves related to the specific goals of the program. Some of the program series available include:

  • Sleep Blissfully

  • Defeat Stress and Anxiety

  • Live a Pain-Free Lifestyle

  • Learn Anything Faster

  • Lose Weight

  • Freedom From Addiction

  • Meditation

  • Health

  • Gluten Free Lifestyle

  • Mind Over Menopause

  • Wealth

  • Public Speaking

  • Sales Mastery

  • More…

If you have an area of concern you would like to work on in your life consider using Braintap. Common health and lifestyle issues like weight loss, addiction, pain and others respond well to neuro-linguistic programming and the technology used with Braintap. We invite you to stop by Utah Health Center and try Braintap for yourself. We have the entire library of Braintap programs available for your use. If you have ever been curious about how training your brain can affect your health now is a great time to stop in and find out!

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