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Patriotism and Health Care

Patriotism and Health Care

What do Patriotism and Health Care have in common?  There are many ties and comparisons to be made, but the obvious one for me is the feeling associated with patriotism.  Having served in the United States armed forces I have a particular affinity to patriotic themes and values.  It is well understood that what we think about affects our bodies, and thoughts regarding patriotism, our flag, service and the strength of this great country bring thoughts that lift my spirit most days.

On my way to work I pass several flags posted at different businesses and locations.  One in particular always catches my eye and lifts my heart.  I’ve stopped along the freeway many times to watch her calmly drifting against a backdrop of jagged mountains, or standing stiffly at attention resisting the forces of wind and storm against a cover of angry clouds.  I’m not ashamed to admit a tear or two have wetted my cheeks from the joy I feel knowing in some small way I have done a part of what it takes to maintain the freedoms that beautiful flag represents.  Health Care?  It happens as a result of keeping our bodies in a positive and well energized state.  This lovely flag certainly inspires those things in me.  I’ve made up a small video of a few moments I spent watching her this morning:

Patriotism and Health Care

Keep this idea in your mind and heart today.  What you think about affects your mood, actions and words.  Choose to enjoy today.  Let your patriotism and your great feelings towards the freedoms and privileges we have guide your thoughts – health care will take care of itself if we stay positive!

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