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Utah Health Center is Moving

Salt Lake City Chiropractor is Moving

We are excited to announce Utah Health Center, your Salt Lake City Chiropractor, is moving to a new location.  It’s been fun for the last three years to be in our large facility on Sequoia Vista Circle, but it’s time to move!  Our new location starting in December of 2017 will be:

5526 Van Winkle, Salt Lake City, UT 84117

Dr. Ziegler will be combining the services offered at Utah Health Center with the current operations of Dr. Jeff Schramm at the Utah Injury Clinic in Murray.  The new practice location is in the same building as the Vasa Fitness on Van Winkle in Murray and is very convenient to access and visit.  Our phone numbers and contact information will remain the same.  If you are a patient of the Utah Health Center expect to hear from Dr. Ziegler soon with information regarding the move and how it may affect you and your family.  We look forward to continuing to serve our community as a Salt Lake City Chiropractor.

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