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Utah Whiplash Group

Utah Whiplash Group

As current president of the Utah Whiplash Group I’m excited for the annual seminar this weekend.  We are meeting in Salt Lake City tonight and tomorrow to discuss current methods and tools relevant to the treatment of auto accident injuries.  If you need help with a recent automobile accident injury you can visit the Utah Health Center New Patient Page.

Utah Whiplash Group Physicians

The Utah Whiplash Group is a team of certified* physicians and attorneys who are focused on the best outcomes for injured patients in Utah.  How you treat and rehabilitate whiplash and other auto accident injuries is very important.  The Utah based physicians and attorneys in the group spend extra time on each case to ensure proper documentation, protocols and treatments are performed.  This extra time is very valuable to the patient and helps to ensure the best possible chance for complete recovery after an accident.

Certification of Utah Whiplash Group Members

Members of the Utah Whiplash Group are trained and certified by two different certification agencies.  *The San Diego Spine Institute with Dr. Arthur Croft, or the Personal Injury Training Institute with Dr. Jeffery A. States.  Each of these courses requires many hours of additional study in order to achieve certification.  The guidelines for treatment of whiplash that are utilized by the Utah State Chiropractic Association are the Croft Guidelines published by the San Diego Spine Institute.  These guidelines have been used in Utah for many years and help to ensure fair and adequate treatment.  If you’ve been injured in an Auto Collision and have questions about treatment options please give us a call.  As members of the Utah Whiplash Group we would love to help.

New Auto Accident?

Visit the Utah Health Center New Patient Canter to Get Started!

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