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Our Clinic

Dr. Larry Ziegler and the Staff at Utah Health Center look forward to helping you with your health concerns. With many years of experience, Dr. Ziegler understands Auto Accident Recovery and can answer you questions and provide great care.

Our Staff includes an awesome group of talented people who have dedicated many years to understanding our systems and providing a great office experience. From therapy to insurance billing we have you covered and will help make your recovery experience enjoyable and simple.

Our Facilities

​​​​​​​The Utah Health Center is a chiropractic clinic in Murray, Utah designed to provide excellent care for injury recover. Our clinic offers many services and has the best current technology including laser, spinal decompression, massage therapy, digital x-ray, interferential electrical stimulation therapy and more. Come visit our facilities and see how having the right equipment and techniques can improve your recovery.

New Auto Accident?

Visit the Utah Health Center New Patient Canter to Get Started!

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