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Exercise Videos

Corrective Exercises

Exercise Keeps Us Healthy

Exercise and movement are a very important part of maintaining health and living well. Especially following an injury such as a neck or back injury in a car crash exercise and proper movement can help us regain normal function in our muscles and joints. The exercises on this page are designed as basic and fun ways to get us moving again after a painful incident, but can also be added to our regular workout routines to maintain healthy and strong core and support muscles in the neck and back.

Follow along as you learn the exercises, then re-visit the page as often as needed to ensure proper form and usage of each of the movements that are shown. If you have any questions please stop by for a demonstration of any or all of the exercises, or send us a quick email from our contacts link. Get Moving and use these exercises to stay strong and healthy!

Chiropractic Physician

Neck & Back Stability

Dr. Ziegler demonstrates exercises for the stability of the neck and back. These exercises are especially helpful after a car accident injury and for individuals with rib pain issues.

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Neck Curve Strengthening

Follow along as Liz demonstrates our neck curvature and strengthening protocols.

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Low Back Stability Demo

Low Back Stability

Strong core muscles are key to managing low back pain and injury. Dr. Ziegler demonstrates basic mobility and strengthening exercises for low back issues.

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