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Utah Health Center Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Utah Health Center

Dr. Ziegler is a great chiropractor and I come in for adjustments as needed…no pressure to be on a set schedule. I was in a car accident last year and my vehicle was totaled. I highly recommend Dr. Z for anyone who needs maintenance chiropractic care or who has been in an accident and needs specialized care.

Lindsay Griffin

I’ve always had an extremely positive experience here! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Dr. Ziegler was very professional and efficient after my car accident! I’m extremely grateful for all he was able to do for me!

Mady Mauer

Dr. Z is amazing! Not only do I go to him for my own care but I send all of my patients with chiropractic needs to him because I know I can trust him to give them thorough and effective treatment.

Tegan Elizabeth

A couple snowboarding injuries brought me to Dr. Z this season. A neck injury from a hard hit to the ground (not my fault) and he had me back to normal quickly. A hip and back injury from a tree (probably my fault) had me in there a lot more. He was sensitive, thorough, and helpful for what to do at work and home. Recommending this professional clinic is easy!!!

James Rieth

Having been involved in an auto accident, it's inevitably difficult to decide who will offer the best source of long term/short term care.
I was directed by Family First, to the help of Utah Health Center who specializes in accident recovery. 100% hands down, made the best decision. Dr. Ziegler has been outstanding with my treatment plan in regaining the strength and mobility that I need!

Manda Miner-Babb

I was driving through Sally lake and needed an emergency adjustment. They were quick to hello and really helped. The staff was very professional and fantastic to work with! They gave me a great deal. I recommend them and would love to continue going if I lived in salt lake.

Stephanie Zollinger

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