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Utah Health Center is a premier whiplash and injury
​​​​​​​treatment facility in Salt Lake City and Murray, UT.
Dr. Larry Ziegler, DC offers comprehensive
case management and care.

Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Utah Health Centerfrom Salt Lake City Utah. Our site is designed to help you discover more about living well by staying involved and learning the skills needed to maintain great health!

​​​​​​​Our philosophy is simple at Utah Health Centers. Dr Ziegler teaches the Four Tenets of Health and uses this information as a daily guide to health and recovery. The Four Tenets include Movement, Nutrition, Self Reliance and Responsibility.

Chiropractic Care
What We Provide

Dr Larry Ziegler is a physician and the primary chiropractor at Utah Health Center in Salt Lake City. Dr Ziegler has extensive education and training as a chiropractor treating whiplash and auto accidents.

​​​​​​​Understanding all aspects of auto accident mechanics and injuries such as lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica and headache is a critical part of having a logical and functional approach to injury management and recovery. Dr Ziegler has the experience to help, and has a deep appreciation for the accident recovery process due to surviving a serious accident himself.

We Can Help

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Dr. Larry Ziegler and the Staff at Utah Health Center look forward to helping you with your health concerns. With many years of experience, Dr. Ziegler understands Auto Accident Recovery and can answer you questions and provide great care.




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